Students in Year 7 have focused learning in core groups.  Core is a new model at Scottsdale High School, providing students with the opportunity to build positive relationships with a group of teachers that teach them for a large number of their core subjects.  In Year 7 students have English, Maths, HASS, Science and HPE scheduled as core subjects. During the first two terms students are involved in Taster subjects, providing them an opportunity to be able to learn about future elective subjects by completing 6 weeks of each subject.  During Term Three and Four students will then choose three subjects to participate in for the remainder of the year.

Students in Year 8 work on a similar model, with three to four teachers across their core subjects.  Year 8 students are able to choose three elective subjects for the first half of the year and three for the second half of the year, giving them 20 weeks to engage and participate in learning areas of their interest. All students in Year 7 and 8 have timetabled time with their class teacher as well as Team Time, where building relationships and developing a deep understanding of our school culture and branding.